Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada has helped thousands of people in Toronto, ON wrest back control of their financial lives by providing debt assistance to those who need it.

Most of our customers turn to us when they have all but given up on the hope of ever becoming debt free. In fact, they may not even be trying to figure out how they can do so, instead settling for options that lower their payments without actually solving the larger issues. Fortunately, we are ready to provide debt assistance that not only helps people to keep more money in their pockets on a monthly basis but also pay off their debts faster than they thought possible.

Whether you are deep in debt and feeling hopeless or just have a lot of debt that, while you may be managing, you know could become a major problem at any time, we can put you in a better financial place. One way that we may be able to help you is by negotiating a lump sum payoff with one or more of your creditors. They know that many of their customers could quickly fall into default, and possibly even end up in a position that renders it all but impossible to pay off their debts. In such cases, creditors are often happy to accept less than the full amount, as it gives them the opportunity to recoup some of the loan while freeing up capital to lend to other borrowers.

We also negotiate with creditors to make your payments and interest rates more manageable. This can enable you to save and/or pay off more of the principle on your debts. If you are already strained to the breaking point, it could free up the money you need just to get by.

If you live in Toronto, ON, don’t tackle your debt alone. Get the debt assistance that you need by calling us today.