If you live in Scarborough, ON and are struggling to pay your bills every month, turn to Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada for the debt assistance that you need. We have the professionalism and experience that you need to deal with your creditors, negotiate better terms for your debts, and pave a path that, if followed, will enable you to become debt free.

Tackling debt on your own can make you feel as though you are in a hopeless situation. Making it even more stressful for many, but not all, is the knowledge that they were responsible for putting themselves in that situation. The combination of these two factors can make the burden seem too great to bear.

The good news is that you don’t have to shoulder that burden by yourself. When you call us, you will have the immediate relief that comes from knowing that you are no longer alone. We will speak with you in detail about your situation, getting a complete picture of all of your income and expenses so that we know what you can handle on a monthly basis. With that knowledge, we can then offer you one or more solutions that put you in a better financial situation.

One form of debt assistance that we can usually offer our customers is interest rate and payment negotiation. Many of those who come to us end up getting several hundred or even thousands of dollars knocked off of their monthly payments. Even then, they can typically pay down the principle faster than would have been possible before.What kind of a difference would that make to your life?

If you are finally ready to get the type of debt assistance that has already helped countless others in Scarborough, ON, call us today to find out how we can help.