Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada offers residents of Richmond, BC and the surrounding area the debt assistance they need to move toward debt free lives.

We have already helped thousands of Canadians achieve what they once thought was an unattainable goal: freedom from debt. Many of our clients come to us struggling to make their minimum payments every month. Some of them have already fallen behind with their payments and come to us feeling as though they have no realistic way to ever become debt free. Other clients come to us with debt that they are managing, but that is still keeping them from reaching their financial goals. Regardless of your income and how much debt you are dealing with, rest assured that we have debt assistance solutions that can pave a road to a better financial future for you.

For those who have equity in their homes, one of the simplest and most popular solutions that we offer is helping clients to obtain home equity loans with interest rates and terms that are as favorable as possible. Not only can a home equity loan get you to the point where you have just one creditor instead of several, but it can also give you tremendous relief on the interest that you are paying. That alone has helped many of our clients get relief on a monthly basis while also helping them to pay off their debts faster.

Even if you don’t have equity in a home, we still have other forms of debt assistance available to you. One way that we can help is by negotiating lower interest rates and the elimination of penalties with your creditors. If your payments can be lowered, you will have more money in your pocket every month. Even if just the interest rates are reduced, that means that you have the chance to pay off principle rather than just interest.

To find out more about the debt assistance that we have for you and other people in the Richmond, ON area, give us a call today.