Do you live in Regina, SK? Are you struggling with all-consuming debt that is dominating your life? If so, get the debt assistance you need by contacting Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada today.

We serve Canadians struggling with all different types of debt and provide them with solutions that can help them become debt free. Even Canadians who have debt that exceeds their incomes or who are struggling to make monthly payments have options available to wrestle back control of their financial futures from their creditors.

Regardless of the types of debt that you have, one option that you will likely want to take advantage of is our negotiations with creditors. Credit card companies in particular, but other lenders as well, know that they run the risk of never collecting debts from customers whose financial situations are out of control. While they may sometimes employ penalties and punishing interest rate hikes for missed payments, they know that some customers simply reach the point at which they stop paying them. Let us negotiate on your behalf to lower your monthly payments and interest rates so that the situation is more manageable for you and better for them because they are more likely to get paid back.

Another way that we may be able to offer you debt assistance is by negotiating lump sum settlements. This is not always an option, but it can be for some people. We have negotiated settlements for as little as 25{21d0e0180d07253050af3d87aab1a233d9428b83e1cf1808590f95482d0aa21c} of the outstanding debt, saving our customers the trouble of dealing with creditors and paying off principle that is simply too much for them to bear.

We have other options available as well for residents of Regina, SK, so call us today to discuss what types of debt assistance that we can provide for you.