Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada helps residents of Mississauga, ON by providing debt assistance to those struggling with what they owe. Many of those whom we have already helped are well on their ways to lives of financial security, while others have gone even further and become quite prosperous, often in ways that were not available to them before because so much of their earnings were going toward their debts.

If you are struggling with debt and feel like you will never get out of it, we understand. Many of our employees have been there before, and many of our clients feel exactly the same way. Just imagine the relief that you will feel even during your first conversation with us when you know that you have professionals ready to help.

During that consultation, we will get a more complete picture of where you stand financially and discuss some of the debt assistance that we can provide to help you get to a better place. One of the many things that we can do is negotiate lump sum payments for some of your debts. This option usually requires that you have some money put away