Markham, ON residents who find themselves struggling with debt can get the debt assistance that they need from Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada. We are already helping thousands of Canadians get out from under their crushing burdens of debt and moving toward lives of financial security.

Debt can have devastating effects on all aspects of your life. If your payments eat up large portions of your income, you can find yourself unable to do the things that you’d like to be doing, including investing. You may even find yourself struggling to find enough money for the necessities of life due to high payments, penalties, and punishing interest rates. Fortunately, there is a better way.

We are ready to help you to become debt free regardless of how impossible that may seem. We have years of experience in providing debt assistance to those who find themselves in difficult financial spots. In each case, we take the time to get to understand our clients’ financial pictures and explore the various ways that we can help.

In many cases, we negotiate with creditors on behalf of those who come to us for help. Knowing the best approach to take with lenders can be the difference between successfully reducing your payments and/or the interest rates that you are paying and failing to make any progress. We have an exceptionally high rate of success in convincing creditors to make the situations of borrowers more manageable.

If you have equity in your home, there is an especially appealing option for becoming debt free sooner. We can help you to obtain a home equity loan, which will carry a much lower rate than other debts, especially credit cards. Of course, other options are also available.

Why not do as others in Markham, ON have already done and get the debt assistance that you need to become debt free as soon as possible? Call us today.