If you live in Etobicoke, ON and require debt assistance, look no further than Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada. We have already helped thousands of Canadians who were drowning in debt to get their finances under control, reduce the amounts that they owe and their interest rates, and move toward a situation of financial security.

No two debtors’ situations are exactly alike, so we take the time to get to know those who come to us for help. One of the first things that we will do when you get in touch with us is set up a consultation during which we seek to get a full understanding of your financial picture. We’ll take a look at your income and your debts and figure out what the best places to begin are.

We provide debt assistance in several different ways. One of the most significant ways that we are able to help people with their personal debts is by negotiating lump sum payments. This is especially useful when it comes to credit card bills, which often have high interest rates that make them feel as though they are impossible to pay off. Even if we are unable to negotiate a lump sum payment, though, we can often negotiate lower interest rates and reduced payments that make your situation more manageable.

Regardless of what type of debt or debts you have, we can come up with solutions that will put you back in control of your financial life. To be sure, you will likely still have debts to pay, but we can get them to a point at which they are much more manageable. Simply put, when you choose to work with us, you will be put on a path out of debt rather than simply falling deeper into it.

Call us today to learn more about the debt assistance that we provide to residents of Etobicoke, ON.