If you live in Aurora, ON, you don’t have to continue struggling with debt alone. Live Debt Free Now can provide debt assistance that helps you to become debt free.

We understand how it feels to struggle under crushing debt. You may feel completely hopeless. Even if you are able to make your monthly payments and still get by, you see month after month just how much of your money is going to pay off interest. In many cases, just a small fraction of payments go to paying off principle, which means that debt situations can go on in perpetuity.

You don’t have to live like that. We provide debt assistance to Canadians who are in these situations and help them to get back in control of their financial lives. We have even helped many people who had all but given up on the prospect of every becoming debt free.

Each case is different, so we make a concerted effort to get a solid grasp on your financial picture. Once we have that picture, we can proceed to provide you with the debt assistance that is most appropriate in your case.

Negotiations with creditors are among the most popular services that we offer. We can often knock interest rates down considerably, which itself makes getting out of debt easier. Many creditors are also willing to work with us on lowering your monthly payments, knowing full well that the financial stability of their debtors is crucial to having the debts owed to them repaid.

There are several other ways that we can go about helping you to deal with your debts. All you have to do is take the first step by calling us today to inquire about what types of debt assistance that we can provide to you. Let us help you just as we have already helped many others in Aurora, ON.

Brampton ON

Live Debt Free Now offers residents of Brampton, ON and the surrounding area the debt assistance they need to become debt free quickly and comfortably.

We know just how much of a burden debt can be. If you have a high level of debt, large monthly payments, and/or staggering interest rates, your situation can feel hopeless. Even if you can comfortably manage your payments, you may be watching thousands of dollars go to interest payments alone every month, decimating your cash flow and making it extremely difficult for you to become debt free, much less getting anywhere near financial freedom.

If your debt is taking too much of a toll on your finances, why not get in touch with us to find out which types of debt assistance we can offer you. We provide several options that, individually or collectively, can help anyone get back in control of their financial lives. From negotiating better interest rates and lower monthly payments to helping our clients to obtain home equity loans, we can help you get to the point where your situation is much more manageable and you have a much quicker and easier way to become debt free.

The first thing that we will seek to do when you reach out to us is get a better picture of your monthly cash flow, your income, and your debts. Armed with this information, we can show you the various ways that we can help you in the short, medium, and long term. While we can’t solve your problems in a single conversation, you will immediately feel the relief that comes with knowing that you are getting professional debt assistance that will help you become debt free within a reasonable amount of time and without struggling on a monthly basis.

Call us today to speak with us about how we are already serving residents of Brampton, ON and to find out in more detail what we can do for you.


If you live in Brampton, Toronto and need debt assistance, turn to the experts at Live Debt Free Now. We specialize in helping those who are struggling with their debts to become debt free.

Debt is a problem that is shared by millions of Canadians. While some debtors have their debts under control, others feel stuck in hopeless situations. Student loans, mortgages, credit card debt, and more make it extremely difficult for people to get by. Of course, missed payments can compound existing problems with hiked interest rates and fees, resulting in a snowball effect that results in situations that seem hopeless.

Fortunately, we are ready to help you with the debt assistance you need even if you feel like you’ll never get out of your current hole. One of the most important ways that we can help is by negotiating lump sum settlements for you. Debtors know the risks associated with out of control debt, and that they could end up completely stuck if people reach the point of declaring bankruptcy. For these and other reasons, they are often willing to accept as little as a quarter of the principle on the amounts owed. It’s just a matter of choosing the right professionals to negotiate this for you.

We can also work with you on student loans and other debts in which lump sum settlements may not be an option. In these cases, we can work to lower your interest rates and set up payment plans that may be more realistic than those that you are currently on. When we do this successfully, many of our clients feel an immediate sense of relief at the prospect of having a realistic path out of debt.

Why wait to get the debt assistance you need when we are ready to help you just as we have already helped so many others in Brampton, Toronto? Call now to get started on the road to financial security.


Those in Burlington, ON who need debt assistance have an ally in Live Debt Free Now. We have helped thousands of families and individuals throughout Canada to lead debt free lives, empowering them to take full control of their finances and pay themselves rather than creditors.

Canadians need debt assistance for all sorts of reasons, and we are able to meet their needs based on the particulars of their situations. Whether you find yourself in debt because of bad decisions, circumstances beyond your control, or some combination of the two, our team of experts is ready to sit down with you, discuss your situation, and figure out a way out of it with you.

Many of those who come to us feel better about their problems within the first few minutes of our first conversation. They feel confident that they are working with experienced professionals who have helped people out of similar situations before. How much of a difference would it make to you to know that you have us on your side and no longer have to fight your battle alone?

We provide many types of debt assistance, and we will work with you to determine which one or ones are most suitable in your case. While it is helpful if you have resources, such as home equity, that we can work with, we will be able to help you regardless of your debt levels and income. Provided that we have a complete picture of your income and expenses, we will be able to design a plan for you. That plan will include one or more of the specific services that we provide.

If you live in Burlington, ON and are ready to get the debt assistance that you need to become debt free, call or e-mail us today.


Individuals and families living in Burnaby, ON can get many different kinds of debt assistance from Live Debt Free Now. Our team is committed to helping as many Canadians as possible to become debt free, and we would love for you to become our next success story.

Living with debt can be anything from a serious challenge to an outright nightmare. Many people who have come to us had already missed payments


Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada had already provided debt assistance to many residents of Calgary, AB and is ready to do the same for you.

Debt can be crushing. Some people struggle with it their entire lives, constantly worrying about missing a payment and getting themselves into an even more dire situation. Even those who have it under control often spend significant portion of their incomes on interest payments alone. If this sounds all too familiar, rest assured that we can help you to become debt free.

We offer a wide variety of options that individually or in combination can break the chains of debt and put you on the road to financial security. One of the ways that we can provide debt assistance is by negotiating lower interest rates and/or more manageable payments. These options can not only make it possible for you to pay off your debt much sooner, but they can also ensure that you have more money in your pocket on a monthly basis.

Another thing that we often do to help people become debt free is to negotiate lump sum payments, which are often as low as a quarter of the amount owed. This option does require you either to have some capital or have liquid assets to make the payment, but it can liberate you from the burdens of debt years earlier than would otherwise be possible. If you take advantage of this fresh start rather than accumulating debt yet again, you can put yourself on the road to financial freedom.

Don’t fight your debt alone when debt assistance is readily available from Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada. Give us a call today to find out how we are already helping people in Calgary, Ab to become debt free and how we can help you do the same.


Edmonton, AB residents looking for debt assistance should turn to Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada, an organization dedicated to helping Canadians become debt free.

Debt can be devastating to a family when it is allowed to get out of control. In some cases, even debts that are or appear to be under control can be a major drain on financial resources. In fact, it is a major contributor to arguments and a big reason that so many people fail to reach their personal and financial goals.

One of the worst things about stifling debt is that it can easily compound itself. Missed payments often bring with them higher interest rates and late fees. Interest on interest can make it all but impossible to break the chains of debt, which often leads people to take on even more of it. Isn’t it time that you got the debt assistance that you need to break the cycle and get on the road to financial security, perhaps even financial freedom?

We help debtors in a wide variety of ways. One way that we can help you to become debt free is by negotiating lump sum settlements. Our clients are often surprised to find just how little creditors may be willing to accept. This isn’t always the ideal option, but it can be a major step toward a financial reset for some.

We can also help to negotiate better interest rates, get rid of late fees, and consolidate debts. Which option or options we use in each case depends on the circumstances, but in all cases we act in the best interests of our customers. Just imagine getting rid of the stress associated with debt and living your life on your own terms.

When you decide that it is time to get the debt assistance you need, give us a call to speak with us about how we have already helped so many in Edmonton, AB and how we can help you as well.


If you live in Etobicoke, ON and require debt assistance, look no further than Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada. We have already helped thousands of Canadians who were drowning in debt to get their finances under control, reduce the amounts that they owe and their interest rates, and move toward a situation of financial security.

No two debtors’ situations are exactly alike, so we take the time to get to know those who come to us for help. One of the first things that we will do when you get in touch with us is set up a consultation during which we seek to get a full understanding of your financial picture. We’ll take a look at your income and your debts and figure out what the best places to begin are.

We provide debt assistance in several different ways. One of the most significant ways that we are able to help people with their personal debts is by negotiating lump sum payments. This is especially useful when it comes to credit card bills, which often have high interest rates that make them feel as though they are impossible to pay off. Even if we are unable to negotiate a lump sum payment, though, we can often negotiate lower interest rates and reduced payments that make your situation more manageable.

Regardless of what type of debt or debts you have, we can come up with solutions that will put you back in control of your financial life. To be sure, you will likely still have debts to pay, but we can get them to a point at which they are much more manageable. Simply put, when you choose to work with us, you will be put on a path out of debt rather than simply falling deeper into it.

Call us today to learn more about the debt assistance that we provide to residents of Etobicoke, ON.


Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada provides debt assistance to those who need it in Kitchener, ON and throughout the rest of Canada. We help those who are battling debt by getting monthly payments and interest rates reduced, negotiating settlements on debts that may be too big to pay off, helping them to obtain home equity loans, which carry substantially lower interest rates than other types of debt, and more.

Whether you just realized that your debts are controlling your life or you have been struggling with them for years, it is time that you finally get the debt assistance that you need to eliminate the problem once and for all. Even if you owe more than you earn and are already missing payments, you can get out of debt and become debt free, and you can do that sooner than you may think. The only catch is that you probably won’t be able to do it alone.

Most people are good at accumulating debt but not so good at getting out of it. The biggest problem tends to be that they just don’t know how. If that sounds like you, there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed. Classes on how to manage and eliminate debt usually aren’t taught in school, and most people never learn.

The good news for you is that we did learn, and we would be happy to bring our knowledge and experience to bear on your situation and help you to become debt free. Our debt assistance includes some options that you may know are available but not know how to go about them and others of which you may be completely unaware.

Join countless other Kitchener, ON residents and get professional debt assistance from the experts today. We look forward to helping you along the way to a better financial future.


Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada continues to help those in and around Halifax, NS who are in need of debt assistance. Rest assured that no matter how bad your financial situation may seem, it is possible for you to become debt free within a matter of months or years.

From the first time that you speak with one of our representatives, you will feel the confidence and relief that comes with the knowledge that you have experienced professionals on your side. If you are like many Canadians who are struggling with debt, you may feel that your situation is too much for you to handle. We can work with you to change your situation so that it is manageable.

The assistance that we offer comes in many forms, and we can tailor it based on your situation and your needs. In many cases, we provide a combination of solutions that leaves those who seek our debt assistance with more money in their pockets every month while also keeping their credit intact and helping them to pay down the principle on their debts more quickly.

To give you an idea of the types of ways that we go about helping people to become debt free, negotiations with creditors are among our most popular services. Most borrowers don’t know how to go about asking creditors for changes to their monthly payments or reductions in interest rates. We do. That’s why we are so successful in reaching mutually agreeable solutions for creditors and debtors.

Of course, that is just one of the types of debt assistance that we offer. There are several others. If you would like to know more about how other people in Halifax, NS are becoming debt free thanks to our services and how you can do the same, call or e-mail us today.